Our Children are proud to wear the Star International School uniform. The school uniform must be worn at all times during the day and when representing the school for any occasion.

Foundation and Primary Stage uniform consists of the following:

  • Blue polo T-shirt
  • Khaki Cargo Shorts (for Boys)
  • Khaki Skort (for Girls)
  • Predominantly White Trainers
  • White socks
  • A Hat (the school hat is optional but a hat must be provided)
  • Winter Fleece Jacket (optional)
  • Navy Book Bag
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    Secondary students wear the following:

  • Navy Blue Trousers (for Boys)
  • Nave Blue Skirts/Trousers (for Girls)
  • White Shirt/Blouse
  • Smart Shoes (Black or Navy Preferable)
  • A Sun Hat (the school hat is optional)
  • Winter Fleece Jacket (optional) – Not to be worn in the classroom
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    In addition, all Primary and Secondary students (Y1-Y6) must have the required Sports Kit. This consists of:

  • P.E. Shorts (Boys)
  • P.E. Skirts (Girls)
  • P.E. T-Shirt


All the above items can be purchased from our authorised dealer, Zaks. Their shop can be found in the Beach Centre Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Although the standard Foundation and Primary school uniform is either khaki shorts or skorts, trousers can be worn in the cooler months and can be made to order through Zaks. Cream or white tights may be worn with the skorts during the cooler months.

Foundation children are only required to bring their book bag and a lunch box/bag to school each day. School bags are not required and space to store them in the classroom is limited.

Primary children may bring their own school bag to school in addition to the book bag. However, we request that these are not trolley bags as they will not fit into the allocated space within the classroom.

For health and safety reasons we ask that all children refrain from wearing jewellery to school (sensible watches are permitted) and that closed trainers be worn at all times i.e. no sandals.


Please note that the below prices are in UAE Dirhams.

Polo Shirt Khaki Shorts (Boys)
Khaki Skirts (Girls)
Book Bag White Trainers Cap Fleece
Prices 60-70 Dhs 95–105 Dhs 40 Dhs NA 35 Dhs 110 Dhs

The PE Kit is required for all Primary and Secondary Students (Year 1 – Year 8).

V Neck T-Shirt Shorts (Boys) Skirt (Girls) PE Bag
Prices 70 Dhs 75 Dhs 75 Dhs 30 Dhs

Supplier contact details: Zak's Store
The Beach Centre , Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai
Toll Free Number 800 ZAKS (9257)