Specialist Subjects


Our French programme provides the children in Years 1 - 8 with an opportunity to develop the language through different activities.
Lessons often involve songs, raps, games, pair work, role play, conversation as well as writing activities. This range of activities and approaches enable the children to become confident language learners.

In years 1 and 2, we concentrate on building a love for the language through listening and speaking activities, using a variety of IWB games and songs.

In years 3 and 4 reading and writing are introduced. The children are encouraged to use sound blending to take the first steps in reading and writing in French. An introduction to very basic grammar is taught at the start of key stage 2 French programme.

In year 5 – 8 children continue developing their speaking, reading and writing skills through different activities. The programme extends their understanding and use of French grammar.


Social Studies

The Social Studies programme presents the children with opportunities to learn about historical and geographical concepts relating to the culture and heritage of the UAE.



Arabic is compulsory for all children in Year 1 and above. The children follow the Ministry of Education Arabic scheme. Our dedicated Arabic staff enhance this programme with practical activities, interactive whiteboard programs and Power Points.

Islamic Education

We aim to create a warm and respectful Islamic atmosphere in which our Muslim children can learn the teachings and practices of Islam. The children are taught to read and recite Surahs from the Holy Quran. Every opportunity is utilised to encourage non-Mulslim members of the School Community to understand, appreciate and respect the Islamic Culture. Islamic Education is taught from Year 1 and above.



Arabic Planning for Native Speakers