Leadership of SIS Umm Sheif

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

In order that our school is able to deliver on its committment to continually develop and improve, strong and effective leadership is required at various levels:

David Wilson

Susan Nash
Vice Principal

Alex Harrison
Head of Foundation Stage

Andrew Price
Head of Primary

Cathy Wilson
Head of Secondary

Middle Leadership Team

Ms Anne

Foundation 1 Leader


Miss Gemma C

Foundation 2 Leader


Miss Jade

Year 1 Leader


Miss Siobhan

Year 2 Leader


Miss Dawn

Year 3 Leader


Miss Jacqueline

Year 4 Leader


Miss Lucy

Maths Subject Leader


Mr Ian

Year 5 Leader

/ Maths Subject Leader


Miss Stacey


Literacy Subject Leader

Mrs Tracy

Science Subject Leader


Mrs Amani

Head of Arabic and Islamic Education


Mr John N

ICT Coordinator


Mrs Dianne

Moderation Coordinator


Mr John S

Inclusion Coordinator


Such Leadership Teams exist in the context of a whole Staff committed to participation in a collegial approach that goes beyond our "normal" responsibilities. It is a commitment to mutual accountability. This necessitates whole Staff involvement in the decision making process and accepts that the process is based on relationships that are supportive, constructively critical and respectful of each other's contribution and expertise.
There, we recognise that all Staff are called on to exercise Leadership.