Our classrooms, situated in modern buildings, are colourful, spacious and bright. Classrooms are equipped with high quality furniture of various shapes and sizes to suit the array of classroom activities that take place each day. Large wall displays allow us to proudly exhibit our children's work. Vast windows provide plenty of natural light in which to work as well as great views over the sports field, playground or splash pool areas. Within the classrooms are trays for the children to put their work in and 'cubby holes' in which to store their belongings e.g. lunchboxes, book bags, water bottles and hats. Every classroom is resourced with an interactive whiteboard, computer and internet access to engage the children and further develop their learning. They also include a reading corner with a wide variety of books for our children to enjoy. All the classrooms are in close proximity to the bathrooms and outside play areas.

Play Areas

Foundation - Indoor Play Area Star International School is fortunate enough to have a large and exciting Indoor Play Area for the Foundation children. This is a secure and challenging environment which enables children to play spontaneously. The Indoor Play area is divided into different play zones where children can choose independently between activities.


We have a large 'desert' area where children are free to explore and develop their learning through investigation and exploration in both wet and dry sand. The space around the desert allows the children to develop their physical skills through the use of bikes, trikes and scooters.


In addition to this we have an exciting role-play area where children are able to dress up and recreate real life scenarios. The Indoor Play Area allows sufficient space for children to set up relevant activities for energetic play.


Foundation - Outdoor Play Area For the cooler months of the year children enjoy using the shaded outdoor play area. Our large climbing frame includes a fun slide, space rocket, firefighter's pole and even a spider's web. The children enjoy using this facility where they can travel around, over, under and through, balancing and climbing on the equipment. This is a great area for energetic play. The entire space is floored by soft rubber tiles which allow for a safe landing.


Primary Play Areas Children in the Primary Years have many activities to choose from at break times. They can play on the supervised shaded outdoor play area, play football on the school field or simply play outside with their friends. For those children who want to stay out of the heat, we have provided a range of activities that take place indoors. Children love to play on the Plasma Cars at breaktime and lunchtime, 'whizzing' up and down the spacious corridors, challenging their friends to races. The children can also play traditional games such as Connect 4, Guess Who? and Chess in a supervised classroom. Children really look forward to play times at Star International as they are able to choose from a wide selection of activities.


The Star International School Library supports an environment conducive to reading and learning. Our aim is to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading in order to develop creativity through using information, ideas and imagination. The library boasts a vibrant collection of English language materials and a growing collection of foreign languages. Our books are appropriate to the school community and sensitive to the local religion and culture. Each class has a weekly library session. They have the opportunity to loan books from the library for one week. The Library provides a positive contribution to the development of the Children's love of reading, critical thinking and the ability to comprehend concepts and ideas.

ICT Suite

Our ICT room uses the latest thin client technology from Sun Microsystems. All children use a card, user name and password to access their GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is XP professional. The state of the art tables allow the children the flexibility to move the monitor into a comfortable position at their work station when working independently and to share their work with other students when it is required. The ICT room is also equipped with an interactive whiteboard that is used for demonstrations during lesson introductions and plenary sessions. In our Control Technology Lab. we use a series of programmable robots: Bee-Bots (a simple robot), Roamer (a more complex robot), MSWLogo (an on screen robot) and Lego Mindstorms (robotics/construction tools). Control Technology allows our children to start with simple programming skills and progress to more complex programming languages.


The Primary art room provides an ideal space for the children in Years 1 to 6 to experiment with a range of graphic tools such as paint, pencil, charcoal and pastels. It is well equipped with the resources necessary to develop the children's creative skills through collage, 3D modelling, textiles and craft.

STAR Sports Facilities

Star International School has excellent sports facilities. As a result of this we are able to offer both an extensive Physical Education Curriculum and Extra-Curricular Programme to all our children.

Sports Field

During the cooler months we are able to make use of our spacious sports field. Designed in the shape of an oval we offer many activities such as Football, Cricket, Tag Rugby and Athletics. This great facility allows the children to experience the freedom of an outdoor environment, whilst being securely situated in the centre of the school. The field is used for P.E. lessons, an area for our Extra-Curricular Football and as a general play area for the children. The location of the field also provides a perfect setting for events such as our annual Sports Days, allowing spectators a prime view of the action. With the recent addition of spotlights we are now able to use the field at any time of the day or evening.


Multi-Purpose Hall

The Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) is another valuable facility due to its versatility. The MPH is fitted with a cushioned, non slip surface ideal for activities such as Contemporary Dance, Ballet and Gymnastics. The hall is used primarily for teaching lessons and extra-curricular activities, but also hosts formal occasions where we come together as a Community, e.g. School Assemblies, Presentation / Celebration Evenings, and social events.

Sports Hall

Children also have access to our outstanding Sports Hall, where the majority of Physical Education lessons take place. Here we are able to offer a vast array of activities with the Hall boasting courts for Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Handball and Indoor Football. The Sports Hall is also used for Gymnastics, including Olympic Apparatus work. During the summer months the Sports Hall provides a play area for the children at Break and Lunchtime where they can find different activities on offer. The size of the Hall also allows for more than one group to use it at any given time as it can be divided into sections. This state of the art facility, complete with fully equipped male / female bathrooms and changing rooms is available for hire outside of school hours.


Splash Pools

The School has two Splash Pools which are used extensively for P.E. lessons in the Foundation Years and the Extra-Curricular Programme. The design of the pools is ideal and provides a great facility allowing the children to develop their water confidence and learn basic recognised swimming techniques. Not only do the children acquire this valuable life skill but they also get many hours of enjoyment from playing in the Splash Pools.


Swimming Pool

The School has a 25 metre Swimming Pool that allows us to run a complete swimming programme throughout all year groups as well as adding significantly to the Extra-Curricular Programme.


To enquire about hiring our facilities please email CathyW.ummsheif@starintlschools.com